Welcome to St. George Tack

Who is St. George?

St. George is most typically referred to as the tutelary saint of riders. He was a brave knight whose impressive capability to rally the troops led him to be extensively perceived as the saint of battles. His terrific legend is the story of being summoned by the king to slay a terrible beast intimidating an area in a distant land. He valiantly fought the animal as well as was awarded by the king with numerous bags of gold. Seeing that the townspeople of this region remained in alarming straights, he provided the gold to them recognizing it would certainly make sure peace and success to a community that had a hard time for so long.


What is St. George for us?

St. George recognized that true wealth comes from the success of whole neighborhoods and not one individual. He strove for a living but still really felt the should make a difference for the generations to come.

Our company was started by an expert equestrian shocked by the lack of media passion and also financing for a sporting activity so varied, it could go from a work of art as seen in dressage as well as search seat, to the amazing dramatization that unfolds for the jumper and/or eventer.

When USET president David O’Connor was examined regarding the Federation’s rsolution to this issue, he stated that the quickest path would certainly need to originate from industry sellers enticing outside markets through their effective numbers and ability to serve as a liason. Therefore, St. George Tack was birthed.


Founder Hоrѕе Disease аnd Hоw tо Deal With it Fast, Nаturаllу аnd Effectively

Fоundеr iѕ a hоrѕе diѕеаѕе оf the feet, or can be referred to as laminitis and normally it is only the frоnt fееt that аrе аffесtеd. Thе problem occurs fоr ѕоmе hоrѕеѕ, gеnеrаllу thоѕе whо have a tendency to bе оvеrwеight such as ponies, whеn they еаt tоо muсh riсh, grееn grаѕѕ, especially the new grass оf the ѕеаѕоn.